3D Blocks

3D CAD Blocks Pack contains more than 6,800 blocks, updated, uncompressed and ready-to-use. The package includes all 3D blocks available for download on the site and many exclusive blocks.

Download 3D CAD Blocks Pack for only $ 9.90 (USD) directly to your computer.


Download the 3D CAD Blocks Pack for only $ 9.90 (USD)


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3D Blocks
whirlpool tub, inflatable boat with outboard motor, bookshelf, microphone, umbrella, shelves, beer rack, upholstered chair, painting easel, binder, vertical display, colonial chair, dressing table, dart, sword, feather, box mail, mask, signage board, hunting trophy, vase with foliage, tire swing, calf pump, foosball, modulated tables, canapés, work station, school desks, service desk, rack, conference tables and videoconferences, swimming pool, stone wall, carramanchão, gazebo, cottage, playground, playground, playground, balcony, bar counter, reception desk, locomotive, passenger car, Harley Davidson, crawler tractor, crane, wardrobe, bed, kayak, warship, submarine, beer bottle, soda bottle, aerosol, spray, holiday balloons, cannon, kids bike, t riciclo, teddy bear, kettle, metal shell, cup, straw, cup, skimmer, cutlery, thermos bottle, scissors, acrylic box with CD, terrestrial globe, lighter, frame, picture frame, vase, table, vial , bakery, cooker hood, fitness equipment, dumbbell, scale, exercise roller, skates, tools, knife, spatula, ax, cream tube, toothpaste, mouse, pen, pencil, crayon, crayon paper stapler shirts tees boots mouthpieces glasses wristwatch fabric pillow tapestry carpet office desk garden table side table coffee table, police car, loading truck, wagon , bus, vegetation, refrigerator, stainless steel top, washing machine, traffic light, turntable, turn-round, carousel, yacht, globe, headphone, kitchen equipment, photocopier, television, gear, rocking chair, cactus, crockery sanitary, sanitary basin in pediatrician turkish basin urinal trucks vehicles ambulance crane snail staircase sofa bed chairs armchairs square table round table rectangular table support table furniture vegetation trees shrubs, kitchenware, objects for decoration, curtain, seat, hat, lighting, office furniture, complete designs, kitchenware, stoves, freezer, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, appliances, bathroom equipment, faucets, showers, toilets, cupboard, closet, fan, knob, cutlery, dish, goblet, bottle, drill, guitar, saxophone, violin, CPU, computer monitor, LCD monitor, computer keyboard, chandelier, lamp, lamp, bucket, coffee maker, piano, seesaw, swing, hospital bed, beach umbrella, beach chair, tongs, drill, bus stop, post, gas station, kiosk, sculpture, skateboard, surfboard, chessboard with pieces, dominoes, beach ball, basketball, golf ball, pool table, table tennis, toy, children's home, fireplace, stool, bench, soap, dish, mixer, towe,l rack, registration box, paper baskets, pergolas, louvers, railing, bike, helicopter, jet-ski, telephone, booth, public telephone, popcorn, cart, cars, Volkswagen, Caravan, Ferrari, Porsche, Mustang, Ford Explorer, Jeep Cherokee, BMW, Camaro, Peugeot, Thunderbird, Audi, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota, Chevrolet Lumina, Van, Chevrolet, Honda Civic, Dodge, Corvette, Fiat Palio, Pickup, Truck, House, Classroom, Palm Tree, Bedroom, Spot, Room, Remote Control, Motorcycle, Fishing, Boat, Cushion, Wooden Bench, Concrete Bench, square, men, women, classic columns, signaling easels, gridiron, po crankshaft, cradle, blender, scanner, equipment, shingles, umbrella, sink, valve, soap, dispenser, VCR, hanger, intercom, air conditioner, sports car, backhoe, flower pot, foliage, sunflower, tank, landmarks, lock, shutters, aluminum canvas, awning, bed hospital, notebook, diskette, sound box, tv, iron, electric canisters, clock, switch, socket, guitar, mug, cup, hourglass, mobile, public lighting, boats, chest of drawers, bathtub,  palm on the balcony of a dining table with a book and a human figure in the vat A dish of parabolic antenna and an escalator, Boeing Cessna, Dishes, playground, fitness equipment, fork, knife, spoon, tool, wrench, padlock, ashtray, chair, university, apply lamp, candlestick, museum, chapel, pavilion, bunk, can, soda, pizza box, fire truck, dolphin, shark, kangaroo, cow, frog, dog, duck, cat, whale, toothbrush, mirror, laptop, joystick, umbrella, microscope, hammer, magnifier, pencil, holder lantern, fountain, flower pots, handicapped, net, palm tree, handball, goalkeeper, meeting table, tires, target, barrel, bidet, bowl.

3D Extras: animals, pews, bathroom, kitchen, decoration, various, home appliances, office furniture, frames, fire extinguishers, furniture, monuments and constructions, objects, people, playground, poles and lamps, bedroom furniture, furniture for living , urban equipment, vegetation, vehicles.


I do not work with AutoCAD. Can I use Blocks?

Blocks are files with .DWG extension. Any program that work with .DWG files can open our blocks, programs such as DataCAD, IntelliCAD, Workstation, 3ds Max, ZwCAD and others will work. 

Which AutoCAD versions are compatible with blocks?

The blocks are compatible with AutoCAD 2000, or higher. We work with the latest version of AutoCAD, but due to blocks compatibility of previous versions, we always save the blocks in version 2000.

What happens after my payment is processed?

Once the payment is made and processed you will receive a confirmation from the payment management company informing you of the completion of the purchase. You are going to receive a safe link and instructions for downloading in the same email as your PayPal account and in the same day of the purchase.

I still have questions...

We will be happy to help you! Please contact us at info@cadblocos.arq.br.

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