Here you will find simulator references for architectural projects, decoration and painting.

Architectural Projects and Decoration Simulators

Icovia Space Planner

Simulate a project and decorate it with furniture, clicking on objects and dragging.

Room Styler

2D environments with simultaneous creation of 3D design environment. mobile library and available equipment. Learn how to create environments with video tutorials (videotutoriais).

Painting Simulators - Outdoor & Indoor

Coral Inks

Simulation of external and internal walls paintings with varying environments, for facades, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, footers, offices.


Simulator of environments with choice of colors for painting of bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom and facade.

Suprema Pinturas

Palette of colors to paint in external environments and interiors in walls, windows, ceilings and moldings.

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